What to do during your visit to Riquewihr in 2023?

Welcome to Riquewihr, a true medieval treasure nestled in the heart of Alsace. In 2023, this picturesque town is brimming with fascinating activities just waiting to be discovered during your visit. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to make the most of your stay. This article presents the essential activities to experience during your visit to Riquewihr in 2023.

Explore the historic center

During your visit to Riquewihr, it is imperative to visit the historic center. Riquewihr is renowned for its well-preserved medieval town center. To discover more information about the best things to do in Riquewihr, click here for more info. The cobbled streets and half-timbered houses provide real authentic charm. Walk through the narrow streets and admire the unique architecture of these historic buildings. 
The thieves’ tower, which represents one of the symbols of Riquewihr, deserves to be visited. It provides a sweeping vista of the town and its environs. Ascend to the summit to relish breathtaking panoramas. The streets of Riquewihr are full of shops, art galleries and artisan workshops. Take the opportunity to shop and bring back unique souvenirs.

Taste local wines

Riquewihr is situated in the midst of the renowned Alsace wine region. It is renowned for the production of quality white wines. The cellars and wine estates contain different vintages, from dry wines to sweet wines, including sparkling wines. The winegrowers will be happy to make you taste their wines and share their knowledge with you. 
Do not hesitate to find out about the wine events that take place in Riquewihr during your visit. With a little luck, you can attend festivals or wine parties. These events allow you to taste different wines and participate in activities to learn more about the wine culture of the region. During your tasting, also explore the region’s traditional wine pairings. 

Visit the Museum of Communication in Alsace

The Museum of Communication in Alsace offers a detailed exhibition on the history of communication through the centuries. During this visit, explore the different stages and evolutions of the means of communication. These are old email systems with modern technologies. This museum offers interactive exhibits that provide hands-on experiences related to communication.
It also covers various topics related to communication. These include telecommunications, post, telegraphy, radio and even magic. Each theme offers a unique and fascinating perspective on the importance of communication in our society. Whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family, you will find interesting and educational elements that will appeal to everyone. Children can take part in interactive games and fun workshops.

Visit Riquewihr Castle

The Château de Riquewihr is a medieval fortress located on top of a hill. Constructed in the 13th century, it boasts a storied past with a wealth of historical significance. As you learn about its past, you will discover the events and characters that marked this emblematic place. Observe the stone walls, defense towers, ramparts and architectural elements typical of medieval times. The visit allows you to immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere of the castle.
Once at the top of the castle, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings. This is an ideal location for capturing memorable photographs. During your visit, you may have the opportunity to explore the rooms of the castle. Inside, you will discover authentic pieces that reflect the atmosphere of the time.

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